Dear Sisters Staging,

Help! My older house for sale is competing with brand new houses! My home was built in the 1950’s. It is a far cry from the brand new sparkly subdivision houses up the road. The bathroom tiles are so dated I think even Bobby Darin would refuse to Splish Splash and Take a Bath in there. I am on a seriously limited budget, so a remodel isn’t in the cards. Those new subdivisions have such gorgeous bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms! How can I use staging to attract buyers in the face of such daunting competition?


Poodle Skirt Proud


Dear Poodle Skirt,

My darling! We’re glad you’re proud – you have every right to be. And you’re in luck! The Sisters are on top of trends and have a glean that homes built in the 1950s, known in the real estate biz as Mid Century Modern, are IN! We can fix this and get it sold quick!

Let us see what you have to work with during a Sisters Staging at-home consultation. We just might be able to take what furniture you already have and mix in a mid-century sofa (such sleek lines!), atomic clock patterns on accessories, or a gorgeous starburst light fixture – all throwback touches made for a modern on-trend buyer to see and love.

How can we do this, you ask! Well, staging is a formula, and the Sisters have been studying and applying this formula for quite a while now. And there ARE buyers desperately seeking such homes as yours! But you have to show your home in the right light to get to closing. And that’s why we’re here!

Your home needs the proper, professional staging to show house seekers it’s in touch with the times yet remembers its past – all the bells and whistles to attract and keep your house listing on buyer’s minds and get their contract signed. The result will be better than a hot date at a sock hop. So, Suzi Q, contact the Sisters now to get going and get that house SOLD!

With Cool Cat Confidence,

Sisters Staging Cheri & Nikki!