Dear Sisters Staging,

My wife and I have an early 70’s “Brady Bunch” style split level we’ve recently listed for sale. We’ve done updates over the years, (pulled up the shag carpeting and replaced it with hardwood floors, for example), but our real estate agent is worried the house isn’t presenting in a “cohesive manner.” Our living room is very traditional with cherry wood furniture. Our bedrooms have modern light fixtures we found on sale at a big box hardware store. Our bathrooms are painted a nice aquatic blue and, in keeping with the times, our kitchen is “farmhouse modern” due to my wife’s obsession with an HGTV show she’s addicted to. Our real estate agent says our house is confusing to buyers and that’s why it hasn’t sold. Will staging help? We feel like Mike & Carol on the outside, Chip & Joanna on in the inside.


Split Level on SO many levels.


Dear Split,

The Sisters are here to pull your home’s split personality house together better than Sigmund Freud at a real estate event. We won’t even need to get into your childhood issues, but we do need to address some of the style and trend issues you have to get you through to sale.

Dr. Cheri and Dr. Nikki would like to start with the puzzling issue of the aquatic blue bathrooms and what that may represent to a potential buyer. Feng Shui aside, when you’re selling a house, you’ll need to “neutral it up” in order to keep things current. The Sisters are spot on with their on-trend wall color assessments, and we’re going to let you know right now that aquatic blue bathrooms might put you on par with another famous screen fave – Titanic. No amount of rearranging the deck chairs will make aquatic blue bathrooms sell a house. We have to make sure this house SELLS instead of sinks. A bathroom color re-do is the first TO-DO in the room of doo-doo, (if you’ll pardon the Freudian expression, please).

Now on to the less traumatic issues. We can deal with Traditional and Farmhouse Fab! The Sisters Staging formula is a blend of placement, in this case, we can pull some farmhouse elements into the rest of your house (including your newly neutralized bathrooms) and give the home the rustic feel and flow your real estate agent hopes for and the buyers will love.

About those modern light fixtures you mentioned… We’ll have to analyze those from the couch when we do your at-home consultation. Speaking of which, our prescription for your home’s current split personality IS a Sisters Staging at-home consultation. For fast relief, fill out the Contact Us form on our website and call us in the morning.

From the Home Staging Consultation Couch,

Sisters Staging Cheri & Nikki (not real M.D.’s, Ph.D.’s or otherwise)