Dear Sisters Staging,

My mom is selling her home, and it’s stuck in 1984 worse than George Orwell could have ever imagined. We’re talking mauve duck decorations in the kitchen, hunter green carpet in the den and ivy-themed wallpaper in the bathroom. It’s so stuck in the 1980’s I think I might have seen a few MTV VJ’s broadcasting live from the huge, puffy peach and baby blue splashed couches in the living room. Help!


Mom’s house is Totally Tubular


Dear Tubular,

Gag me with a spoon! The Sisters are thinking we just might have had a Flock of Seagulls flashback ourselves! But relax. Though we realize Girls Just Wanna have fun, like Cyndi Lauper and your Mom, apparently, you’ll be glad to know you don’t need to time travel with a mad scientist in a Delorean to fix this.

Sisters Staging recently staged a home with just this predicament. Hunter green, interestingly, is making something of a trendy comeback. We can work with that and make it something that will attract buyers in your area. You’ll see. Did you know the Sisters are masters of disguise? We are!

We can make furniture like those Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man couches look current and comfy, instead of something a Ghost Buster would want to send to the nearest, convenient parallel dimension. And we can find a little diddy ‘bout zapping the ivy-themed wallpaper that would dazzle not only John Cougar but also Jack AND Diane. And those mauve-coloured ducks you mentioned? We’ll make those disappear so fast you’ll think Duran Duran arrived in your mom’s kitchen all Hungry Like the Wolf and gobbled them up.

That home we Sisters staged for the homeowner in your mom’s predicament? It sold in a week against stiff real estate competition and, at closing, came in for more than the homeowner or her Realtor ever expected!

Contact Sisters Staging (from that phone on the wall with the pull-out antennae your mom still uses) and get it sold!

Forget Back to the Future, the nearest, convenient parallel dimension we’re talking about is The SOLD ZONE!

No need to take Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer to it,

Sisters Staging Cheri & Nikki