Help! I’m Selling My House this Spring!

It’s...COMING! The Spring Real Estate Season that is. Are you going to sell your house this Spring? Not to sound like an ad, but we recomment a Sisters Staging Consultation to get ahead of the game.  Home sellers frequently ask real estate agents how to prepare their home for sale. While some real estate [...]

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In the Lap of a Luxury Home? What It’s Like

Luxury Home Dear Sisters Staging, What is it like to stage a luxury home? Signed, Million Dollar Baby Alpharetta   Dear Million, Staging a luxury home is just like staging any home!  We prepare for staging in the same manner. We go to the home, speak with the homeowners and the Realtor if possible, do [...]

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Is Spring the best time to list and stage my house?

Spring Dear Sisters Staging,  I have to move in February but everyone tells me there won't be enough buyers to bother with listing and staging my house.  I read on a real estate site that I should not bother in the Winter.  Should I wait until Spring to stage my home for sale?  Sincerely, Winter [...]

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Should I Paint to Get My House Sold Quicker?

Dear Sisters Staging,  I am a homeowner about to list my house. Should I paint before staging? I am worried about outdated rooms colors. Is new paint better left to the next homeowner? Won't they want to choose their own colors? Please let me know!   Paintless in Sandy Springs   Dear Paintless, Better paintless than pantless, we [...]

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Why don’t buyers love my house?

Dear Sisters Staging, Our house has been listed for six months! I cannot figure out why it hasn't sold. I have put EVERYTHING into my house. My ideas, my creativity, my money, my time. My tears are staining the furniture. We would love to find buyers who love the house as much as we do. [...]

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Staged for the Holidays?

Dear Sisters Staging, My real estate agent is MEAN!! She said not to decorate for the holidays while my house is for sale. Whuuuuut? This cannot be! In other years, my outdoor holiday display is visible from the Space Station and sugarplums dance throughout the house.  Help! Sincerely, Decorated in Decatur Dear, Darling Decorated, We [...]

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EMPTY HOUSE, no furniture

Dear Sisters Staging, The hubs and I don’t understand why we HAVE to have our house staged just to sell it.  It’s empty!  Won’t the buyers fall in love with the space as it is?  It has a great fireplace and the walls have just been repainted “Agreeable Gray”.  We were told that is the [...]

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1970’s Home

Dear Sisters Staging, My wife and I have an early 70’s “Brady Bunch” style split level we’ve recently listed for sale. We’ve done updates over the years, (pulled up the shag carpeting and replaced it with hardwood floors, for example), but our real estate agent is worried the house isn’t presenting in a “cohesive manner.” [...]

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