Dear Sisters Staging,

The hubs and I don’t understand why we HAVE to have our house staged just to sell it.  It’s empty!  Won’t the buyers fall in love with the space as it is?  It has a great fireplace and the walls have just been repainted “Agreeable Gray”.  We were told that is the color du jour.  So why, Sisters, why, WHY would we need a bunch of furniture in the house to sell it?

Mystified in Alpharetta


Dear Mystified,

First of all, congrats on choosing “Agreeable Gray” as your wall paint color.  Had you said “Eggshell”, we would be having an entirely different conversation.

Now, on to the Big Q: why should you stage an empty house?  Indeed!  Let’s say you and your friends want to try a new restaurant.  You walk in and the first thing you notice is a big empty room.  The windows are nice though and it has a coffered ceiling, cool!!  The hostess says, “Sit anywhere you can picture yourself sitting!” Nobody in your group moves.  That’s because no one can picture themselves plopping down in a big empty room without furniture!  The restaurant has not set the stage to make you and your squad want to stay and eat.

That, Dear Mystified, is why buyers walk into an empty house, walk around a few minutes and leave. There is nothing there to help those buyers picture themselves living in the house. Buyers are able to see themselves inside their new, fabulous house living their new, fabulous life when the stage is set.  Quite literally.  So… we do.  Sisters Staging uses on-trend furniture and accessories to entice the buyer to make an offer!  You can build it, and they may or may not come.  But if we stage it, they will come, buy and stay! So contact us today!

DeMystifying Staging without even using a Magic 8 Ball,

We are,

Most Sincerely,

Sisters Staging Cheri & Nikki