Dear Sisters Staging, 

I have to move in February but everyone tells me there won’t be enough buyers to bother with listing and staging my house.  I read on a real estate site that I should not bother in the Winter.  Should I wait until Spring to stage my home for sale? 


Winter Stage Fright


Dear Stage Fright,

Fear not! Your house will sell when the right buyer finds it. Our job to make sure the house presents as well as it can to attract that buyer. Staging is part of the equation, as you know!

In most cities, people move during all seasons. Companies transfer people at all times of the year. People retire and downsize their homes at all times of the year. People have babies and trade up to a bigger house during all seasons! So there is ALWAYS a housing market, no matter the time of year.

The busiest time of year for real estate sales is usually Spring. Sure, some wait for the Spring Market to list and stage their home for sale.  But … that means you’ll have more competition!

Our advice. List and Stage when you have to or want to move.  If your Realtor is a good real estate agent, he or she will market your house to its best advantage. The buyers will arrive!

Get ready to stage today by filling out our contact form. Ask us any questions you’d like, including is Spring the best time to list and stage my house? We’re here for YOU.

The Motley Fool has a little more insight on whether Spring is the best time to list and stage a house. They bring up the great point that Spring selling analytics do not tell the entire story.  Check out their article here.

Bottom Line: There will be a great buyer in every season!

Exiting Stage Right, We Are,

Cheri and Nikki

Sisters Staging Home Staging