Dear Sisters Staging, 

I am a homeowner about to list my house. Should I paint before staging? I am worried about outdated rooms colors.

Is new paint better left to the next homeowner? Won’t they want to choose their own colors?

Please let me know!  

Paintless in Sandy Springs


Dear Paintless,

Better paintless than pantless, we always say. Actually, we don’t say that but it’s sound advice.

Here is our Paint before Staging advice. Do it. It will be worth your while. Hate painting? There are plenty of painters out there. They’d be happy to hear from you.

Why paint? Most buyers want a home that’s Move-In Ready. If you paint a neutral color throughout your house, you’ll allow buyers to better imagine their own furniture in the home.

Paint colors? If you have a lot of feature-trim, use a “greige”, gray or beige to let the features pop. Alabaster is a popular color but your crown molding or coffered ceilings won’t stand out.

Here’s another great reason to paint before your house hits the market: Odors.

Years of cooking, stinky teenagers, dogs, cats… all of that can be absorbed by walls. Paint helps eliminate those odors. Try ZorbX odor remover paint additive, Dutch Boy Refresh or Sherwin Williams Enhanced Harmony, just to name a few.

HGTV has great info on painting tips here.

Bottom Line: Paint is your friend. Use it!

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Looking forward to hearing from you,

We are,

Sisters Staging