Dear Sisters Staging,

My real estate agent is MEAN!! She said not to decorate for the holidays while my house is for sale. Whuuuuut? This cannot be! In other years, my outdoor holiday display is visible from the Space Station and sugarplums dance throughout the house.  Help!


Decorated in Decatur

Dear, Darling Decorated,

We would love to see photos of your holiday decor from years past!  And your electric bills!

Alas, your realtor speaks the truth. You have to be neutral in all aspects of decor when your home is for sale and that goes for holiday decorations too. Fret not though…there is a glimmer of light in this dim scene. You can still decorate for the season – just keep it neutral!

How, you ask?

Use decorations that are non-religious and very secular. Think holly, ivy, pine and red berry wreaths! Use glowing lanterns, cosy throws, furry pillows, flameless candles. Snowmen! Just don’t overdo.

When we stage during the holiday season we have to remember that we are casting the widest net possible to attract the very best buyers on the market. And we don’t know who those buyers are yet. We certainly don’t want to turn them away because they forgot to bring their sunglasses and your front lawn is ablaze like the Aurora Borealis.

So yes, decorate a little! And remember, the less stuff you drag out for decorating now will be less stuff you’ll have to pack away when your house sells.  That’s our holiday present to you!  You’re welcome.

May your house sell fast and your new year be prosperous! And if you need our help, contact us!

Festively yours,

Sisters Staging