Luxury Home

Dear Sisters Staging,

What is it like to stage a luxury home?


Million Dollar Baby Alpharetta


Dear Million,

Staging a luxury home is just like staging any home!  We prepare for staging in the same manner.

We go to the home, speak with the homeowners and the Realtor if possible, do a thorough search online of what has sold and how quickly in the area then form our plan going forward.

If the family has lived in the home for a long time, there may be outdated furniture and décor that needs to be addressed. For example, some luxury homes are on the market because the owners are downsizing. They may be empty nesters looking for a smaller, more manageable house.

Either way, some may have heavy, brown furniture, large rugs with darker colors, heavy gold curtains… you get the picture. Expensive furniture that no one wants to see anymore. This makes the home seem heavy to today’s buyer, and they will have a hard time seeing themselves living in the home.

Today’s buyers want light, bright and streamlined living. That’s how we stage! Going toward 2020, furniture with straight lines and function will be important. We have that inventory!

So how does it feel to stage a home in a luxury lifestyle community? It feels fun! We know what the house needs to sell and we do all we can to make the process fun for our clients. Staged. Success. Sold!

So get in touch, Contact Us!