Dear Sisters Staging,

Our house has been listed for six months! I cannot figure out why it hasn’t sold. I have put EVERYTHING into my house. My ideas, my creativity, my money, my time. My tears are staining the furniture.

We would love to find buyers who love the house as much as we do.

My husband was transferred out of state. We’ve read houses sell better furnished so I’ve stayed in the home.  It hasn’t helped!

What should I do to get it sold?

Desperately yours,

Gretta in Gainesville, Georgia


Dear Gainesville Gretta,

Here’s a hanky. Dry those tears and read on!

The answer to your question is actually simple.  Sit down. It may surprise you!

Presenting… The Answer:

You are Too Emotionally Involved.

The moment a house hits the market it is a product for sale. A product. You must now think of your home as a business transaction. After all, you want it to make money for you, don’t you?

Implement Some Staging Strategies:

  • Your buyer has to be able to picture him or herself in the house, living a fabulous life that has nothing to do with you. We get it. You put a lot of soul into the home. Now it’s time for a new family to call the house “home.”
  • You are certainly right about this: Houses sell better with furniture. Some furniture. The rest goes to storage.
  •  Depersonalize it. Pack up your family photos, the clay ring holders your kids made in 1st grade, your collection of vintage salt and pepper shakers and for the love of all that is holy, the high school reunion blanket adorning the back of the couch.

“Ouch”, you say! “All of my friends love my salt and pepper shaker collection!”

“Pack it up”, we say! “Collections are personal.”

You are going to have to pack it to move it anyway. Might as well be now.

Still having trouble? Time to call Sisters Staging! We love helping our clients move on to their next big adventure.

You can get in touch with us here.

Yours in Getting That Home Sold,

Cheri Drake

Sisters Staging